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The Homebuying Legal Process Going Digital

Posted by Arthur Brown on March 26, 2018
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In recent years, we see the property sales move into a digital age. By this I mean that although many buyers will still visit the agents on the high street, increasingly after registering with an agent the applications to view a suitable property will often be submitted via Rightmove. Most active buyers have the Rightmove app on their phones and will ping over a viewing request as soon as a suitable house is matched with their search criteria.
The conveyancing process has somewhat lagged, most solicitors still require signed documents to be returned in hard copy, therefore relying on Royal Mail or for the buyer to physically drive to their office to deliver documents, this of course causes some inconvenience and delay in a day and age when everything can be done from your home or office. To push conveyancing into the modern age the Government are looking at changes in the Land Registration Rules as part of their ‘Business Strategy 2017 to 2022’, where soon digital land registration will be available. This will mean, that you will be able to buy and sell your home without the need for paper deeds. Documents and mortgage deeds will be signed electronically with e-signatures! The changes will come into place in April 2018, making the UK’s HM Land Registry platform the most time and cost effective worldwide.
This is welcome news to the likes of GWLegal, who have recently embraced the digital format by using an in-house case management system called GWlive, enabling brokers and clients to access their case online, 24/7. Emma, the head of sales at GWLegal, has said: “consumers want quick and easy processes that can be accessed from home. Likewise, professionals (very reasonably) demand that the bulk of their job can be done without lengthy phone calls or trips outside the office”.
Businesses like GWLegal are looking to modernise and keep up with consumers demands; becoming more digitally interactive is just one of the ways the property industry is adhering to this. Not only is this benefitting the consumer, but the time-saving aspect and easily accessible documents can only benefit businesses within the industry!

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