10 Tips for Hosting Christmas Dinner


10 Tips for Hosting Christmas Dinner

With the festive season fast approaching we are all very excited and nervous at the same time. There are so many things to arrange and expenses to account for, such as presents, the festive meal, party attire, winter holidays, childcare and, in addition, we still have the rent or mortgage to pay. However, in this blog we are not going to talk about properties or property market trends; we are going to give you some tips on how to organise a memorable, yet budget-friendly Christmas dinner.

1.Come up with a budget to stick with

It is a good idea to start saving up for Christmas in advance, not only for presents but also if you’re hosting a dinner. Set up your dinner budget based on the number of people attending and make sure you always allow extra funds for any surprises that might crop up last minute.

  1. Define your priorities

Have a clear idea of what you’re planning to cook for your guests – that will help you clarify the ingredients for your shopping list. Making a list of everything you will need to buy will not only give you a rough idea of how much you will end up spending. You should always start your list from the most important things, such as meal ingredients, drinks, decorations, tablecloths, paper goods. In this way, you will also be able to cut out things that are not a priority.

  1. Change alcohol beverages for hot chocolate

This might not work for every party, but it’s worth a try and will save you a few pennies. Of course, any accessories such as marshmallows, candy canes and chocolate sprinkles will add extra sparkle.

  1. Invite a smaller group of guests

Keep you party size smaller to reduce not only costs, but also the hassle of cooking more. Also, you will feel more comfortable among people with whom you are more familiar.

  1. Borrow decorations instead of buying

There is no need to spend a fortune throwing a Christmas dinner. Christmas comes with a lot of other expenses! Therefore, you can also borrow tablecloths, serving trays or decorations from friends.

  1. Decorate with candles

Candles are the best way to create a warm and cosy atmosphere for your Christmas dinner without spending too much money on other decorations.

  1. Ask the guests to bring a dish

It’s not a bad idea to ask your guests, or at least some of them, to bring a dessert or an appetiser to your Christmas dinner. In this way you will save yourself time cooking all the dishes. If you end up with having more than one dish, then your guests will probably be happier to have a choice.

  1. Get party games ready

The best way to break the ice between people who don’t know each other is to organise some games and get everybody involved. Your guests will be glad that they don’t need to have awkward conversations to fill the silence. Playing games is also a good distraction in case preparing the dinner is taking longer than expected or you have to sort out any last minute issues.

9.Attention to detail

Dips, fondues, cheese and amuse-bouche are always a good idea if you would like your guests to remember the Christmas dinner with being well fed rather than waiting for the main meal. These appetizers are also easy to store in the fridge and you can have them prepared in advance.

  1. Prepare nice music

Christmas songs! Surely you can’t have a Christmas dinner without Christmas classics. Christmas songs lighten the mood. They make you feel warm and relaxed and also help digestion! So make sure you have to playlist of classic Christmas songs ready.