5 features which will help sell your home


5 features which will help sell your home

What are the features which will help sell your home when the time comes?
Whenever you buy a home, and whether it’s the first or third you’ve purchased, there comes the excitement of adding lots of personal touches to it.  From redecorating to renovating, designing our space to suit our own taste is what makes us proud to be homeowners.

Seeing the space
When buying a property, we always recommend prospective buyers to look beyond the current décor and furnishings. Try to imagine a neutral canvas to start afresh with.  At the same time, we advise if you’re selling, to declutter.  Aim to show off the space you have and lighten, freshen up rooms across the house to help make the property more appealing.  Basically, allowing buyers to see the potential the property has to offer.
That said, there are some features which can help you sell your property quicker, and as close to the asking price as possible. But what are they and how can you be sure to show them off?

The top 5 sought-after features
Our property experts at Jameson & Partners can confirm these are the top 5 most sought-after features which will help sell your home.

1.Bi-folding doors

The new way to open your home right up. Bring the outside in, or the inside out, whichever way you want to look at it. Bi-folding doors don’t only look fabulous when closed – lots of glass bringing even more light into a space.  When flung wide open, they extend your living space. These days, if properties don’t have bi-fold doors, it’s not long until buyers make renovations to include them. If properties already have bi-fold doors, we always take several pictures.  We make sure the doors are centre stage, so buyers can see they are a feature.  You’ll soon see the viewings rack up!

2. Open plan living
The last few years have seen an increase in the popularity of open plan living.  Rather than family members confined to separate rooms, open plan living brings everyone together.  You can cook the evening meal, while keeping an eye on the kids and still be able to see the television (if it’s on!). Oh yes, once the walls have been knocked down or an extension has been built to allow open plan living, you can be sure the property will generate interest.

3. Decking the garden
Whether immediately outside the back of the house, greeting you when the bi-fold doors open, or in another area of the garden; decking is a practical, attractive feature that has appeal.  Buyers are drawn to the fact there is a ready-made space for outside dining or relaxing in the Summer sunshine.  And with the multitude of wood paints and treatments available, buyers can repaint decking to their preferred colour, as much as take care of it so it lasts for many more years. Just as we do indoors, any external features that add value to a property, are photographed and highlighted on your property specification when you sell your home with us.

4. Wet room
Wet rooms and walk in showers have grown in popularity recent years. We see more of them in homes with second bathrooms or en-suites.  For smaller spaces, they offer the opportunity to create a more stylish bathroom environment.  The designs are often quite minimalist and stylish, which appeals to buyers.  But the biggest selling point by far, is that they are much easier to clean, which is always good for busy families.  A property with a modern wet room or walk-in shower option will always be sure to capture buyer interest.

5. Practical LVT flooring
Homes with a high-quality, practical floor such as an LVT (luxury vinyl) are likely to secure more viewings.  Such floors come with excellent guarantees, being made to last, even for busy homes. Buyers know this! Luxury vinyl flooring comes in either wood effect planks or stone effect tiles.  They look like real wood and stone, but are warmer underfoot and easier to clean.
Excellent for kitchens or bathrooms where spillages can be easily wiped away and leaks won’t damage the floor, luxury vinyl flooring is a dream.  And an LVT floor in a traditional parquet pattern will make a major selling point in your home.

We’re not saying you should have all these features to help sell your home.  But if you’re thinking of selling soon and want to give your house some ‘yes please, appeal’, one of these features might just make the difference.

And if your home already features any of the above and you’re looking to get it on the market soon, then contact us for a free valuation. We’ll be ready to make these features centre stage when marketing your property, to help get you a quicker sale without compromising too much on your asking price!