Jameson & Partners Blog - Can your garden increase your property value?

Can your garden increase your property value?


Can your garden increase your property value?

You might be thinking, can your garden increase your property value? In short, yes it can. And in today’s pandemic world, gardens have become essential spaces for us all, thus increasing their worth. Whatever the size, aspect, or style of your garden, here’s how it can increase your property value.

Facing South
Yes, it’s still very much a key selling point for any home, the south facing garden. Even without the surge in garden popularity since the pandemic struck, south facing gardens have always helped boost property value. Getting the most out of the sun when it shines is something people are willing to pay a little more money for.
However, if you haven’t got a south facing garden then all is not lost.
Depending on the size and shape of your garden, try and make the most out of the areas where the sun does shine. Think where it might be best to capture the light and position seating areas, patios, or even certain types of plants there. Your potential buyers will appreciate the effort you take to make your garden as welcoming of any sunshine as possible.

Outside Social Space
Of course the rules around visiting people and not meeting indoors have seen our gardens become the new number one social setting. So much so that we have never spent as much time socialising in our gardens. There’s been a big rise in the popularity of extending the indoors to the outside, through a specially created outdoor space to allow social gathering.
Large patio or bi-folding doors remain popular as they allow the seamless link between indoors and outside. We know buyers like a decked or paved patio area. Somewhere with tables and chairs alongside space to cook, eat, and drink will tick all the boxes when you come to sell your home.

Outdoor Buildings
Did you know that investment in an outdoor building can boost the price of your property by up to £12,000? Recent research from MyToolShed, proves that the small expense of a shed can make a big difference to your property value. If you have solutions for storage outside, this is always popular with potential buyers.
But people are also being very creative with outdoor buildings since the pandemic took hold. We are seeing outdoor offices, workshops and summer houses become must-haves in gardens. People want more space, and are looking for it away from the main house. If you have somewhere where people can work, practise music, be creative, or even to drink (think mini bars), outdoor buildings are hugely popular.

Fantastic greenery
The greenery you choose for your garden can also increase your property value by a few thousand pounds. The pandemic has made us realise even more, the pleasures which can be sought in the small things in life. Whether you have plants or shrubs, flowers or fruit, you can appreciate the natural world around you.
Try investing in bulbs for the Springtime. Choose popular flowers such as hydrangeas, or evergreens for easy maintenance. A blend of colour and green, and your garden will thrive and look great all year round.

Your buyers might be keen gardeners and will see the value in a well-stocked garden. You’ll be surprised how much it costs to buy larger plants such as rhododendrons or camellias in the garden centres. So, it pays to look after and nurture the plants you have. And no matter the size of your garden, the addition of greenery from shrubs to plants, will transform your outdoor haven. Whether you plant straight in the ground or use pots and planters, you should keep your plants well pruned and trimmed. This will be important when the time comes to sell your home, especially for the marketing pictures.

A little TLC
Are you thinking of selling your home but areas of your garden look a little weary? If that’s the case, it’s not too difficult to breathe new life into them. Buyers will appreciate a main focal point in your garden, so look to create one. It could be a social seating area, a rockery, a pond, or a simple display of flowers.
Do you have pots which are looking old and tired? Or have you garden furniture which is a little weathered? If yes, you can try investing in some outdoor paint to spruce them up. You’ll be surprised how a few small touches can make such a big difference.

Courtyard appeal
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got masses of lawn or land. You can still make a small courtyard or decked area, welcoming, inviting, and attractive to buyers. In much the same way as you would a small room, use accessories and a touch of paint to bring a small courtyard to life. You could experiment with making some shelving from pallets to decorate your walls, and paint them a fashionable mint green, or soft grey. You could buy a little outdoor mirror for your courtyard wall to give the illusion of a bigger space. For some lovely aroma as you step through your back door, you could try growing a selection of herbs in pots.
Small courtyards can be wonderful sun traps, so position your seating in the best spot. It’s not always about how big your garden space is, it’s how best you use it!

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