Changes for Landlords

Changes for Landlords in 2021


Changes for Landlords in 2021

We expect quite a few changes for Landlords this year. From pets to electrical safety compliance, we list them all here. We also share some of the current trends in the lettings market.
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Time to get pet-friendly
Yes, it has made national headlines and even caused some divide in opinion. The Government’s changes to the model tenancy agreement mean that landlords can no longer blanket ban tenants from having pets. Now, by way of default, renters will be able to keep and move in with their pets.

Landlords will require a written pet request and if they object to it, they must do so in writing. Any objections to pet requests must be done within 28 days of the request being received. But more importantly, landlords must have good reason to object. These reasons can include the size of the property. Especially if landlords deem their house or flat too small and impractical for a pet. And of course, tenants will continue to have a legal duty to repair or cover the cost of any damages to a rented property.

Eviction Notices
The arrival of the pandemic and the first lockdown last year saw evictions initially banned. Then back in August last year, the Government made changes to the eviction legislation to help tenants. Those changes saw landlords being legally obliged to give tenants six months’ warning for any eviction. Usually, the timeframe for any eviction notice is three weeks.
There are caveats to this new notice period for more serious cases. For example, in the case of anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse, and being more than six months in arrears with rent payments. For landlords, this law has made eviction harder to complete and the process lengthier too. However, the good news is that the legislation will soon be coming to an end, at the end of March.

Deadline for electrical compliance
It’s something we’ve been working on with our landlords. But, if you are a landlord and haven’t yet got yours, the deadline for electrical safety compliance is April. This means, if you are a landlord, it will be law to have an electrical safety compliance certificate for every property you own.

We wrote about the importance of the certificate last year, but in essence it ensures your tenants’ safety. The certificate will prove that the fixed electrical installations in your properties have been safety tested by a qualified electrician.
If, you haven’t yet got yours sorted, then you haven’t got long as 1st April 2021 is the deadline!

Outer city demand
One thing we are noticing since the pandemic, is greater tenant demand for larger properties. There are more people looking to rent out of town. More professionals, even young professionals are having to work from home. Without the need for the regular, daily commute, there is less demand for city living. What is preferred instead is more space for a home office, to have a garden and some outside space. Also, tenants are realising that by heading further out from major towns, they can get a little bit more for their monthly rent.

This is good news if you are a landlord with a property out of town. Likewise, if you are considering a buy to let property in a similar more rural or semi-rural area. You might just do well with these rental properties this year.

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