Desirable Doors to Bowl Over your Buyer


Desirable Doors to Bowl Over your Buyer

You may have heard this advice a thousand times, but I am always surprised at how many people dismiss it as mumbo-jumbo. It is true, buyers form a first impression at first glance, they have not even parked their car or knocked on your door and they may have already decided this is not the house for them!

The choice of front door colour is really key! So there are a few general rules, but it comes down to where you live and who is likely to buy your home. So here are a few general guide lines:

If you like in a lush green country town, it is best to avoid painting your door a bright garish colour. Instead go for oh natural look, give the wood a light sand, clean with a wood treatment and then varnish, wax or oil to make the door more in keeping with your environment.

  1. Those who live in a city terrace house can be bolder with the colour. Give a cheery glow to the entrance with a bright colour, if you have a tiled floor or walls in the porch try to pick a colour to complement.
  2. For a home by the sea choose an ocean, beach or nautical colour.
  3. If your home is on an estate try to avoid having the door the same as next door or the other houses, please want their home to fell unique and their alone.
  4. If your buyers are likely to be affluent young professionals a more traditional colour can work best – think muted colours such as deep blue, dark grey and sage green.


Take a drive around the area, or look for inspiration on Pintrest. The key is ensuring a quality finish, no sloppy paint jobs! Nice bright and clean door furniture and add a hanging basket or some pot plants by the door (remember these can come to your new home, so splash out on some nice pots and established flowering plants.

According to sarah Beeny: “In terms of on-trend colours, there’s two routes – bright or muted. Bright yellow, pink and turquoise are all huge at the moment and can really transform a property from drab to fab, giving it the wow factor buyers look for. Then there’s the more traditional, muted colours which are really popular, including deep blue, dark grey and sage green. These colours are timeless, and create an impression of grandeur which buyers love.”