Jameson and Partners estate agents in Altrincham look at the importance of front doors in property sales - read more about fabulous front doors

Fabulous front doors


Fabulous front doors

When it comes to property sales, front doors matter. We explain why this is the case, share tips on creating a fabulous front door and reveal more about our sponsorship of a local school’s front door wreath making event happening in November. It’s all here…

First impressions count

What’s the first thing people see when they look at your property? The front door. And if you’re selling, well your front door can help prospective buyers form an immediate first impression of your home.

Should you have a front door that is old, shabby and tired and that looks (or even is) draughty and hard to use, it pays to consider upgrading to a new one, if you can.

A new front door adds value

Of course, new front doors don’t come cheap. But it’s important to remember that they can add significant value to your property and if you have the funds, they are a worthwhile investment. Buyers will see the benefits that a new front door brings, from both an energy saving and security perspective.

And there are so many wonderful options for front doors these days. There’s a great selection of colours available too. Be careful on being too bold with your colour choice as some front door colours can deter prospective buyers. The best colour front doors for adding value to your home include blue, black, white, and red. And regardless the age of your property, with today’s choice of doors, you can find a modern one to complement your property’s construction style.

Upgrading an old front door on a budget

If you can’t afford a brand new front door, then take the time and effort to give your old one some TLC. It will make the difference to prospective buyers, giving it a bit of extra kerb appeal. Depending on the type of door you have you can either wash it down (to bring a UPVC door back to white) or give it a new coat of paint (ideal for wooden doors). Small details like a new door knob or knocker, letterbox or house number can give the door a new lease of life too.

Decorate your front door with a wreath

Whether your front door is new or old, coloured or plain, wooden or UPVC, there’s one guaranteed way to get it looking fabulous. And that’s with the simple addition of a door wreath. The wonderful thing about door wreaths, is that you can have one all year round if you want. They are not just a Christmas decoration. We often have one on our front door at our Jameson and Partners offices on The Downs in Altrincham, throughout the year.

Using the flora and foliage that is in season, you can easily buy or even create your own wreath for hanging on your front door. If you’re selling your home, there’s really no better way to greet prospective buyers than with a beautiful arrangement taking pride of place on the front door.

About our autumn wreath at Jameson and Partners

Our Managing Director Jennifer always loves making her own door wreaths, in fact she made the beautiful one that’s full of autumnal colours, currently on our office door (you can see it in the picture at the top of this blog post). She explains how she did it…

“I usually take a walk in Delamere Forest with the kids and dogs and bring a bag to collect pinecones, acorns, twigs and other seed pods etc. Lennie (Jen’s 2yo son) loves collecting these ‘treasures from the woods’. I dry these out and then I paint some of them to add more variety to the wreath. I’ve experimented with drying out my own berries or preserving them, but this has proved pretty hard to get right. So, I tend to purchase artificial berries and leaves from Hobbycraft. I use a hot glue gun (always wearing heat-resistant gloves) and some fine wire to attach all the items into a woven willow wreath (also from Hobbycraft).”

The Cloverlea Primary School PTA Christmas wreath making event

We were asked whether we would like to sponsor local Altrincham-based Cloverlea Primary School with their PTA Christmas wreath making event. And as big advocates of a decorative wreath to make a fabulous front door, we naturally said yes! The event is taking place on 23rd November so that the many wreaths made can adorn front doors across the Altrincham and Timperley areas in time for the festive period. Our contribution to the event will help the team to buy the various wreath making materials they need to make the event a success. The flowers and foliage for the wreaths, they hope to source themselves – so if anyone can donate anything then please let us know!

The PTA team at Cloverlea Primary School aim to raise £1,600 from the event to buy lots of new, modern reading books for the school library. So, everyone will be a winner! And Altrincham will be full of fabulous front doors.

Don’t forget, if you do buy a new front door and hope to eventually sell your home, then make sure you get a FENSA certificate from the company supplying and fitting the door. This serves as vital proof for buyers and mortgage lenders, that any doors (and windows) have been installed properly.

And if you are decorating your front door this autumn or Christmas time with a decorative wreath which you have either made or bought, then share it on social media for everyone to see. We’ll be posting over the next few months, lots of pictures of door wreaths, including those made at the Cloverlea PTA event using the hashtag #fabulousfrontdoors

We hope to see yours!