What a good quality Altrincham estate agent looks like


What a good quality Altrincham estate agent looks like

Firstly, there are a lot of very good estate agents in Altrincham, some very mediocre ones but a few that are poor quality. However, the burning question is

What a good quality Altrincham estate agent looks like

When we started out, estate agents claim, we found it extremely difficult finding a good quality estate agent to recommend to our clients, hence the reason for us coming to the market and looking to provide a high level of service to our clients.

Poor quality estate agents often cause more problems and stress then required and some property sellers would actually be better off without them. They also have a tendency to mislead sellers and fleece them at every opportunity. This is often down to the fact that the poor estate agents attitude is all wrong and they see the property industry as an easy way to make money for little effort.

The good quality estate agents in Altrincham on the other hand are extremely useful and provide sellers with lots of invaluable benefits.

So what function does a good quality agent actually serve? What do they bring to the table?

The good ones such as ourselves, Jameson & Partners, aim to be the glue to your whole property sale. We bring all the elements together and provide you with honest, frank advice and guidance throughout your sale. We work hard to earn your trust and build a mutual understanding that enables us to work as a team. This is absolutely crucial for a successful working relationship, it also makes the whole sales process more successful and less stressful for you.

From the outset, Jameson & Partners listens to your needs, advises you on the correct asking price and sales format. We also advise you on how much to expect your home to sell for. This is usually painful for sellers to hear, however, our honesty at this stage will help build up trust and prepare you for the real world, rather than build up your hopes, only for you to be let down.

Good estate agents possess great presentation skills, maximising the appeal of your home by taking good quality photographs. A good estate agent will also maximise your property’s exposure to the correct buyers. Undertake regular market reviews and keep you regularly updated with the sale progress.

Most importantly, good estate agents employ high quality experienced negotiators who can negotiate the highest possible sale price for your home, potentially for tens of thousands of pounds more.

A good quality estate agent in Altrincham, such as Jameson & Partners, will also take care of you, protect you and be there for you throughout your sale and beyond, right through to your completion date.

Good estate agents are worth their weight in gold, but unfortunately, they are extremely rare and difficult to find!

No matter how good an estate agent is, if a property owner isn’t realistic about their selling price and insists on marketing it at an inflated price, then, we’re afraid, the property simply will not sell. The proof of this fact is demonstrated by the number of properties that have been on the market for over three months. If your property hasn’t sold within three months, it’s overpriced.