How to Increase the Value of Your Home


How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Add Some Mirrors – an effective way of creating light is through the use of a few mirrors. Hanging mirrors opposite windows tricks the eye into thinking there is another window there and maximises the amount of natural lighting in the room. Another trick to capturing light is to reflect it into dark corners, using a mirror, to make the property look bigger and brighter.

Clean, Pristine, Private Garden – First, give your garden a makeover. Tidy away any litter, mow the lawn, and remove all weeds and cut back overgrown trees and shrubs. People buying your house will be more comfortable in the garden if they don’t feel like they are sharing it with the neighbours – so create a feeling of solitude. Consider growing trees around the perimeter of your garden, or adding boundary fences or walls, which can go up to two metres without needing planning permission. Another way to create a private feeling in your garden is to add a structure like a pergola. This is also a great way to separate areas of your garden for socialising and extending the use of your garden in the colder season.

Combining Spaces – combining living space, like your kitchen and dining room, creates a more communal space, benefitting the whole family in a social aspect. Knocking through walls to create this open plan living space is an effective way to add value to a property because a larger space is not only useful, but also attractive and trendy. It is important to remember the practicalities, as many consumers still like the separate sitting room space that can be used for special occasions or privacy for the adults in the family.

Touch up your kitchen – a fresh looking, hygienic feeling kitchen is essential. You can paint the cabinets to give a fresh look, replaces doors and handles. A good way to vamp up the look of your kitchen without creating a hole in your pocket is to install under unit lighting.

Calm The Wallpaper Down! – some wallpaper designs can be overwhelming, and sometimes wallpaper can be difficult to remove, putting some people off if they are looking for a new home to move straight into. Keeping wall colours neutral and steering away from crazy pattered and textured wallpaper makes it a simpler job for the next homeowner, making the property more appealing.

Front Door – your front door is the first thing any potential buyer sees, and first impressions count. Your front door can say a lot about the rest of your house to viewers seeing it for the first time. The door doesn’t always need to be replaced, just make sure it looks attractive by giving it a power wash or a lick of paint.