Vital Steps to Take to Keep Your Home Safe in Winter!


Vital Steps to Take to Keep Your Home Safe in Winter!

With the days getting shorter, and the night’s drawing in, the potential threat of burglaries can increase, properties can be at risk and a considered home security system is essential. So, what can homeowners and tenants to protecting your house from crime this Christmas?


Whilst burglaries can of course occur throughout the year, the thought of long dark nights can increase people’s fear for the safety of their home. The main factors which seem to lead to greater crime at this time of year are the following:


  1. Longer nights – allowing for reduced visibility.
  2. Less time at home – While we are at Christmas parties or visiting relatives our homes will be empty for longer than usual, presenting an opportunity for criminals.
  3. More new items in the property – in the lead up to Christmas a criminal will assume you have presents ready to gift and following Christmas they could assume you have new items which you and your family just received.

So, what steps should you take to maximise your home security?


Jamie Siminoff, the Founder and Chief Inventor at Ring, gave the following advice: “With longer nights setting in, it is more important than ever for homeowners to work together with their neighbours and local police officers to look out for and protect one another. Proactive, effective home security solutions help create an extra layer of security to deter thieves and create the ‘always home’ presence that is crucial for reducing neighbourhood crime.”


Jamie recommended installing connected security devices, which have the ability to discourage potential trespassers, loud sirens and bright lights, for example, have the potential ability to scare off people who could be up to no good on your property.


“By using connected security devices, equipped with proactive deterrents like lights and sirens, homeowners can not only scare off potential intruders, but also get neighbours’ attention so they can assist in calling the local authorities – improving security for the entire neighbourhood,” Jamie said.


Burglar alarms have been used for decades, but there are now more technically advanced options that consumers can use to protect their homes


To shed further light on some of the options out there, Ring’s founder continued: “With real-time alerts and live video footage direct to their smartphone, homeowners can interact with doorstep visitors and make sure those who are unwanted don’t hang around.”


Another suggestion was to make the house looked occupied, even when no one is home. This can be achieved by leaving on the TV or radio; leaving lamps on a timer plug to come on at certain times; having a friend pop in to open and close curtains and generally check the property for you. Of course, in addition switching on automated lights is “vital” – as is locking up all of your doors and windows.


Jamie continued: “It’s vital to take a proactive approach to home security and always know what’s going on at home, giving the impression that you’re there, even when you’re not. Lock all doors and windows, install automated lights and visible security cameras and take measures to create presence at home, no matter where you are.”

*Interview taken from (December 8th)*