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New Carbon Monoxide Alarm (CO Alarm) Ruling


New Carbon Monoxide Alarm (CO Alarm) Ruling

Landlords ought to be aware of a new carbon monoxide alarm (CO alarm) ruling. We explain more…

Previously, Carbon Monoxide alarms were only required in rooms with solid fuel burning devices. For example, rooms with log burners or open fires.
What’s changing from October 2022? Well, these alarms will now be required where appliances are burning gas or oil. And of course, any non-compliance is considered a civil penalty. And you can expect a fine of up to £5,000; or up to £30,000 for a licensed property.

Where a CO alarm should go

Your CO alarm should be installed 1 to 3 meters from any fuel burning source, at head height.
Smoke alarms are required on each floor of a residential dwelling, including a mezzanine floor.
The rooms which will require a CO alarm are:

  • Rooms with a log or coal burning stove or open fire (whether or not it is in use, excluding a decorative fire which is capped off)
  • Rooms with a gas/oil-powered boiler
Landlord Requirements
  1. The landlord/landlord’s agent must test to confirm the smoke alarms and CO alarms are present and working at the start of the tenancy (not applicable at the renewal of the existing tenancy).
  2. The landlord/ landlord’s agent is seen to have an ongoing obligation to ensure the smoke alarm and CO detectors are in working order. The tenant can be given the responsibility to replace batteries and test periodically and to report if non-functional for the landlord to replace. From October 2022, the regulation specifies that if a tenant reports a defective smoke or CO alarm – the landlord must repair or replace it as soon as reasonably possible.
  3. The Landlord can be asked to prove checks were put in place to ensure the tenant is regularly checking the functionality of these alarms.
Which properties are included?
  1. Any private rented residential dwelling
  2. A house of multiple occupations
  3. Residential flat within mixed-use development including over a shop

If you manage your own rental property, we suggest you check whether these alarms are present. And if you don’t have them, we strongly advise you to purchase both the necessary smoke and CO alarms. Following that, you need to install them at your property in the immediate future. We also advise you to record any installation with a written statement and photographs. Thereafter you should ask your tenant to sign as confirmation.

If we manage your rental property we can supply and install these alarms for you. Firstly we will check how many alarms you need for each property. Secondly we will install them in the appropriate positions.
We will also test the alarms and prepare a statement to confirm they are in good working order. Our team will also supply photographic evidence of the devices installed in the correct locations.
When we’ve done that, we’ll ask for your tenant’s signature to confirm the alarms have been installed. Plus, their signature confirms they will replace the battery as necessary and notify us if the alarm no longer works.
At each three-monthly inspection of your property, we will check these devices are functional. The cost for purchasing, installing, and confirming compliance will be £50 for 1 device. Then it is £25 per additional device, plus VAT thereafter.

If you are a Landlord unsure about the new CO alarm ruling, or need help installing CO alarms at your rental property, contact us