Our homes during lockdown


Our homes during lockdown

Never have we spent so much times in our homes as we have during lockdown. Unless you’re a key worker of course. Back in March when the government advised us to stay home and stay safe to protect the NHS and save lives, for many, our homes became our sanctuary. It certainly made us appreciate where we live, and evaluate the space we have.

In this blog, we look at how people have been creative with their homes and consider how the lockdown may change our opinion of the home we live in.

Working out where to work out
One of the more popular activities we’ve chosen to do while staying at home, is working out. A plethora of online tutorials and keep fit classes emerged since the lockdown started. All to keep the nation physically fit and healthy, as well as to help our mental wellbeing. In our homes, we’ve looked for the best, and safest places to exercise. For so many hours of the day, our homes have become gyms. We have moved furniture aside in living rooms, made use of the hallway, and even taken to the patio or decking as a space for our workouts. Anywhere to give us ample room to jump, stretch, dance, and move about freely.

Quiet space
Vital for those working from home is a quiet space to focus and concentrate. There may be the need to make or receive calls regularly and have video conferences. We need this space even more with the children off school and nursery. Many families have had to juggle at least one parent working from home. But even without younger kids, it could be the need to find somewhere to work, away from other distractions. And such a space is not always easy to find, especially if you are usually office based with your work. So, people have had to be creative using parts of the house they might not have before. Whether you’ve turned a bedroom into a makeshift office, claimed a corner of the kitchen, or taken over the dining room; it’s given us who are working from home, the focus area we need.

Child’s play
Let’s face it, the lockdown has been significantly challenging for those with smaller children. If you are blessed with a big garden for little ones to run around in, then things might have been a little easier. But for those with limited space outside, the need to create smaller play zones within the home has been important. It’s all helped to keep young minds satisfied. Some people have taken messy, creative play into the kitchen, and made quiet spaces for drawing or reading. Some have turned lounges into full-on playrooms and been resourceful, building dens out of furniture. All these things we’ve done during the day for the little ones, then in the evening, we adults have reclaimed these areas back for ourselves.

Does size matter?
Having spent so much time in our homes the last few weeks, it’s given us chance to think of the home we live in. Is your home right for you, right now? We’re all different creatures and aspire to live the way we want. There’s no right or wrong in terms of shape and size of the space you live in – it’s your choice. Some would argue greater space is needed with a larger family. It allows everyone the opportunity for some private, quiet time.
But through this lockdown, there may be couples living alone who feel their home is too big. A larger home requires more effort, especially when you are in it every day for several weeks. A smaller residence is cosier, more comfortable, and easier to maintain. For those who have not been adversely affected financially by Covid-19, we anticipate buyers coming to the market, with a better understanding of what their ideal home is. That, or we will see more people ready to improve and upgrade their homes to create the right space for them.

A post-lockdown home
It seems forever ago now, and somewhat odd, to get a knock on the door and let someone in. To hug them as they leave. To not have to stand at the window and lip read a message. But those times will hopefully be back soon. For now, what we can take the time to do is appreciate everything our homes stand for. They are more than just bricks and mortar when people reside in them. In most cases they are havens of love and happiness, of learning and hope. We fill them with our treasures and as we have witnessed in the last few weeks, we can achieve so much in them. Our homes are important to us right now, probably more than they have ever been.

If you are a homeowner across the Altrincham, Hale and wider Sale region, and look forward to the end of the lockdown so you can get your home on the market and buy something better suited to you and your family, contact us today. Although we cannot visit each other right now, we can still talk through all the options for you. We are able to assist landlords too. If you have a vacant property ready to bring to the market to let, call us on 0161 941 4445 or email,