Post-Brexit Call for Decisive Action


Post-Brexit Call for Decisive Action

The business community are worried as we enter a period of uncertainty and change due to Brexit. We need reassurance from the government and calm, decisive leadership. Yet so far, this has not happened.

Carolyn Fairbairn, the Director General of the Confederation of British Industry, believes businesses need time to digest the change that Brexit will bring. She states; ‘Many businesses will be concerned and need time to assess the implications. But they are used to dealing with challenge and change and we should be confident they will adapt’.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Small Businesses has called on the Government, ‘for clarity on what these decisions now mean for businesses, including how businesses will have access to the single market and the free movement of people and trade’.

Free trade agreements take time to negotiate and in the meantime the uncertainty is causing much upset for small businesses. More than a quarter of small businesses export to the single market giving them access to over 500 million potential customers. Many small businesses supported the leave campaign due to EU red tape. However, ‘they want to see an accelerated deregulation program’, according to Ian Cass, Managing Director of the Forum of Private Business.