Preparing Your Garden for Sale


Preparing Your Garden for Sale

If you are considering selling your home a well-maintained garden can be a big attraction. With the scorching summer we have experience this year may gardens are looking a little worse for wear, yellowing lawns and crispy boarders. We have compiled a few tips offered by Bloom Homes to help maintain a luscious lawn and blooming borders.


When it come to the lawn their advice is:

  1. Feed your lawn with liquid fertiliser once per month
  2. Unless we have a hose pipe ban water the lawn twice a week
  3. Mow the lawn once a week – but ensure the lawn mower is set on a longer setting
  4. Do not lay new turf in hot dry weather – unless you can water it twice a day, it will die (save this job for a cooler period). Turf takes around 2 months to become established


When it comes to the pots and boarders:

  1. All plants in pots need to be watered at least once a day
  2. Those in the boarders need water every other day
  3. Be careful not to water the flowers in the heat of the day best to water in the early morning or when the sun is lower in the sky towards the end of the day
  4. Flowers should also be feed with liquid fertiliser once a fortnight
  5. Flowers should be deadheaded once a week to keep them in flower for as long as possible
  6. You should not prune shrubs on conifers in the very hot weather


For many buyers a well-maintained garden will be an appealing prospect with regards a place to relax with friends, enjoy an evening drink or a weekend BBQ. An over grown or poorly cared for garden presents an extra burden when a buyer is considering a purchase. Therefore, preparing your garden for its new owner is an important task.