Jameson and Partner Estate Agents: What are the Property Trends for 2021

Property Trends for 2021


Property Trends for 2021

Can you believe we are nearly at the end of the year and looking at property trends for 2021? We can’t. It seems 2020 has flown by despite months of lockdown. But one thing 2020 has brought us, is better understanding about the homes we live in. After all, most of the country never spent so much time in them! So, what are the key trends which will be popular in 2021? We take a look…

More space please!
Inside, outside, upstairs, and down, space is what people want in their homes. Working from home is a more permanent feature in our lives, so space has become essential. It’s more than just a luxury. Home workers need somewhere quiet, comfortable, and ideally, well-lit to set up an office and go about day to day duties. With two people working from home in a household, it can get trickier. So, space is important.

However, we urge homeowners to be careful of converting or renovating rooms to make space for an office or study. If a 3-bedroom home becomes two bedrooms and a study, you might find your property loses value. It’s the same with a garage. As much as space is needed for home working or keeping the kids happy in another room, it’s also needed for storage. To many, a garage is an essential area for storing things out of the way and believe it or not, even keeping a car inside! Again, converting a garage can affect your property value in the future

Creative use of space
Following on from what we’ve said about the need for space, 2021 will see people look for more creative ways to use it. This information comes from Houzz and their 2021 Interior trends report. In their trend list, they mention multifunctional spaces becoming popular. This could be making the most of a small space to create a home office. Or of course, doing the same with equipment or furniture as part of a home gym.
There are many ‘nook and cranny’ areas of homes which could become ‘something’. Even if they are too small to fit a desk, perhaps converting the area to storage will allow you to reduce furniture elsewhere. This will then create space in another area for a home office or workspace. It’s worth exploring where there might be creative use of space for your home in 2021.

Work out at home
We all know the benefits of exercise, but 2020 saw more of us turn to fitness in some form, to get us through the tough times. We went on daily walks, runs, and bike rides, but we also turned to YouTube and the internet to help us keep fit at home. At the start of the lockdown, sales of home gym equipment went through the roof (quite literally!).
And when we look forward to 2021, it’s clear we are keen to continue doing a little bit of what’s good for us physically and mentally, in our own homes. Whether it’s inside your home, or making use of the garden, we are all seeing the benefits of a home gym. Including one in your home will undoubtedly be one of the property trends for 2021.

Sustainable living
According to the Houzz Interior Trends 2021 report, we are becoming more aware of our need to reuse and recycle. And making good use of second-hand furniture is something which we will be doing more of in 2021. Whether that is doing our own upcycling projects or getting a professional to lend a helping hand to rejuvenate a piece of furniture, we are embracing sustainable living.
And the same goes for outside too. Whatever the size garden you have, having a little area for growing your own vegetables is one of the property trends for 2021. Believe it or not, what you have in your garden in terms of plants and scope for sustainability, can make a difference to your property value too.

We are all hoping for a little more ‘normality’ and consistency for 2021. But if selling your home is going to be on your agenda then contact us for a FREE PROPERTY VALUATION.
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