Right-to-Buy or Wrong-to-Sell


Right-to-Buy or Wrong-to-Sell

It seems that the Government’s scheme allowing council tenants to buy their homes has backfired.

You want to take a look at these figures collated by Inside Housing Magazine:

  1. 40% of those homes sold under right-to-buy are now privately rented!
  2. These homes are rented at more than double the council rents – average council rent is £88pw, these are rented for an average of £210pw!
  3. These figures are increasing, in 2015 it was 37.6%, now 40% and predicted to be 50% by 2026!

Given these shocking stats, why would the Tories consider rolling this out to a further 1.3 million housing association tenants. John Healey, Labour’s shadow secretary, stated: “Only one in five homes recently sold under the right-to-buy has been replaced…. too often these houses become buy-to-let investments with higher rents costing the taxpayer millions more in housing benefits.”

The fact right-to-buy is still going on is shocking, this scheme is a failure and needs to be ended immediately and the council homes sold need to be replaced.