Selling in the Winter


Selling in the Winter

If you are planning to sell your home during the colder months, we have some advice to help you attract the right buyer.

The days are shorter, the weather is cold and wet, the garden can be a bit bleak. But in the winter months a nice cosy home is more important than ever. We spend many more hours in our homes and having a warm, relaxing and inviting home is even more important. So let’s look at ways to make your home as welcoming as possible this winter.

Enhance the Cosiness

Before a viewing ensure your home is warm (not boiling- the viewer will most likely be in a coat, so best not to cook them). Make the house smell wintery and festive with a scented candle or diffuser; if you have time and can cook, maybe bake a crusty loaf, or cake to make the house smell delicious. For the photos, some nice winter throws on the sofa, cushions, rugs and candles will make it look homely. If you have a log fire it would be nice to light this also.

Sort the Maintenance

The buyer will not be impressed by leaking drainpipes, damp walls or other problems which can occur during the colder months. It would therefore be advisable to clear your gutters of any debris, and replace broken drain pipes; ensure your water pipes are insulated from frost; keep the temperate above four degrees; ensure your roof is intact; ensure your windows and doors seal; insert an injection damp proof barrier in any brick work susceptible to damp; clean your drive and paved areas of moss and anything which will make it slippery; cut back the garden; re-paint any window sills or woodwork which is exposed the elements.

Adding some Winter Colour

There are many plants which are hardy and will add colour to your garden during the winter months. It is nice to add some pot plants outside your home and a sprinkle of colour around the garden. You can also plant spring flowering bulbs which will look beautiful as the new year begins. You can also brighten up your garden by hanging some outdoor lanterns. It is especially nice to have a well-lit entrance; a lantern over the front door will make your home feel safer and more inviting.

How’s your Lighting?

Good lighting will be essential, especially on those later afternoon viewings as the days shorter.  Make sure all your lights are working, adding some lamps into darker corners, and switching them on before your viewers arrive. It is ideal to have an exterior light near your porch; this would make your entrance more welcoming and also will aid in the safety of viewers approaching your home.


At Jameson and Partners we can offer you advice on preparing for sale or rental. Of course, the advice we offer will be tailored to you property, your budget and your unique situation.