Simple Tips For a Quick Sale


Simple Tips For a Quick Sale

How you present your property is critical when it comes to selling it.  Yes, you’re moving on, but those visible imperfections and messy areas can make the difference between getting an offer, or not.  With the May bank holiday season here, there’s no better time to think what needs sprucing, fixing and changing. Especially if you’re thinking of getting your home on the market.
Here’s our six top tips on making sure your property is presented the best it can be, to ensure a quick sale.

1. Don’t neglect the garden
Often the first thing people see when they arrive at a property viewing is the front or side garden, so make sure it is looking presentable.  Cutting back overgrown bushes or trees and digging out any rampant weeds can make the difference for a quick sale.  And the back garden needs to be much the same. If the garden looks and neat and tidy, the viewer can appreciate its size, the space available and also feel happy knowing it’s an area easy to maintain, if they buy the property.

2. Fix the fencing
The sign of a broken fence can give prospective buyers an initial negative opinion of your property. It can send alarm bells ringing over the security of their potential new home.  If there is one thing you do spend money on before you get the ‘For Sale’ sign up, it’s any broken fence panels, which can be easily and affordably replaced.

3. Have a proper clear out
It’s easy to make use of the loft or the garage for storing old toys, clothes or even furniture, until the day you move out of the house.  But remember these areas are just as important to prospective buyers who will want to see them when they view the property.  Being able to showcase viewers the extra space, whether that’s for creating extra living environments or simply for their own storage, is vital for quick sale.

4. Make it less about you
When prospective buyers walk through the door, you want them to be able to visualise living in your property as much as possible.  Neutralising rooms is a great way to do this. You don’t need to hide every photo or drawing stuck to the fridge but try and tone it down if you have got a lot of pictures, ornaments or memorabilia on display.  The odd item here or there to give your home that realistic lived in feel is enough.

5. Lighter and brighter
Bring some brightness into your property, to give it real selling appeal.  If rooms have dark décor at present, then consider a lick of light paint over strong colours. Or spend time putting up a small section of wallpaper to create a lighter feature wall.  And pick up some accessories in neutral tones to style rooms and balance the colour palette.  Some flowers in a vase, fresh bed linen and fluffy towels always work well to create a lasting impression of your property.

6. Show off your best rooms
If, while you have lived in the property you have made a substantial investment in any rooms or living space, then make sure to show them off to the maximum.  Bring out the best features! If the carpet is new and of a high quality, get it cleaned to spruce it up and make it stand out.  If you’ve had new windows or bi-fold doors installed, pull back curtains and open blinds to see them.  Add lighting to your best rooms to show them off and let potential buyers see the additional investment for themselves.

Part of our service
If you choose to sell your home with us, we always offer a pre-marketing consultation during which we advise on any work necessary in line with your budget.  Being based in Altrincham, we can offer contacts for recommended local contractors or even help project manage the work for you.  And once finished, we will take professional photos and draw up floor plans, ready to sell your property.

If you have a property to sell in the Bowdon, Hale, Altrincham or Timperley areas then contact the team at Jameson & Partners for a FREE valuation or for some honest, transparent advice for a quick sale.