Staging your home, the added value.


Staging your home, the added value.

Staging Your Home


When selling your home, you will of course wish to achieve the highest possible value. Selling at the highest possible price is a challenge, but it’s the properties that stand out against others that end up selling the fastest, with a higher value.


According to research, a buyer knows within 20 seconds whether they like your home after walking into it. First impressions count, here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to ensure your home is the winning candidate:


  1. Kerb appeal –  As a buyer approached your house they will look at the front garden, drive and exterior of the property. Getting the drive jet washed, the exterior wood work sanded back and repainted and planting assorted flowers in the front garden will give a homely and well-kept appearance. Before viewings have the windows cleaned and mow the lawn, also ensure the house number is easy to read.
  2. Make an entrance – The front door is also crucial; we want to welcome buyers into our home with a newly painted door. If the door furniture is tired or broken ensure this is replaced before marketing your home. Invest in a new door matt and remove any clutter from around the entrance.
  3. First glance– The first thing people see as they enter you house will be the entrance hall, usually this will have stairs to the 1st If the bannisters are tired or damaged these can be replaced or repaired. If the plaster work or wall paper is peeling away a re-skim is in order. Having a coat and boot stand which is not piled high will invite them to take off their jackets and make themselves at home. Consider whether the hall floor needs cleaning if carpet or sanding and re-varnishing if wood.
  4. Light the way – Lighting is all important, do not overlook this factor. A dingy house with poor lighting will not feel warm and inviting. If bulbs need changing, do so; if there are dark corners invest in a nice side lamp or down light. Ensure curtains are tied back, lights are on and blinds are open. Even when you do not have viewings booked leave the porch lights on, many buyers will drive by to look at the exterior before arranging a viewing.
  5. Reflect the light – Another way to create the illusion of a larger space is by strategically placing a mirror in an area where it will be able to maximise the amount of light reflected into the room. A room with lots of light feels fresh and clean, and that’s exactly the kind of impression you want to give a buyer when they view your home.
  6. Sparkling clean – This sounds obvious, but please remember a new owner does not want to inherit your dirt. Polish floors and surfaces, freshly grout between the tiles, replace mouldy sealant.
  7. De-Clutter – All clutter must go! Take a few trips to the charity shop or/and borrow someone’s garage. Purge the house of any unnecessary or unsightly items. It will make the rooms feel bigger and will give the impression you have plenty of storage space.
  8. Make it lived in – Yes so do de-clutter, but leave items such as cut flowers, a nice bathmat, a bottle of nice wine and glasses on the dining table, a bowl of fruit on the kitchen side – you get the idea.
  9. Create Symmetry – Sounds silly but the human eye finds symmetry most pleasing – this may be easier said than done, but where possible arrange furniture in pairs and paintings in symmetrical patters on the walls, have a lamp at each end of a room or table and so forth.
  10. Keep it neutral – No need to expand on this one, you make have great taste and choose vibrant colours but to make the house appeal to the widest possible market keep colours to soft pastel shades – ideally creams, greys, whites and the odd touch of colour in curtains or cushions.
  11. No such thing as useless space – show buyers how they could utilise the awkard spaces or spare bedrooms by staging these as utilised areas of the house. If you have a nock under the stairs transform it into an office or a play den, put up a shelves, or a notice board or coat hooks.
  12. Create a life-style – Finally, we are using these techniques to create an appealing lifestyle rather than just a home. Ensure you build consistency and charm.