Taking the Best Marketing Photos


Taking the Best Marketing Photos

The photos you use to market your property are vitally important.  These property images attract the right applicants and display the property in the best light. Without good images, you risk fewer viewings, it taking longer to sell or let and achieve a lower price. So, these images are the most valuable element of your marketing campaign!

How can you improve the images? Of course, you can re-decorate the house; give it a deep clean; buy new furnishings and accessories. But these things are expensive and time consuming. We have another solution. What if you could add virtual furniture and visualise planned enhancements to the property!

We have access to new technology which allows us to virtually re-imagine your home for the buyer! It means we can show your buyer what the house could look like with their taste in décor, their furnishings; or with a structural alteration they wish to make. You will be amazed at how this can transform the appeal of a property.  Many buyers struggle to envisage the property in a state other than its current one. We find buyers who are not experienced in property renovating take a property on face value; meaning a dated property is very hard to sell for a good price to anyone other than an investment buyer. But this changes all that!

Beyond changing the interior; the other key consideration needs to be showing the property in its best light and offering a high quality detailed and accurate portrayal of what is on offer. Poor quality property images make it very hard for a buyer to fully visualise the property and its scope. Many will decide against taking the time out of their busy schedule to view a property on the basis they can’t see what is on offer from the advertisement. Therefore, you need an agency who uses a good quality camera and has an experienced photographer in house or hires a professional.  They should also have the capacity to edit images to remove large shadows; brighten where necessary and generally make what is on offer more apparent to the applicant.

If you would like to discuss how we can offer the best quality images of your home, please feel free to contact us.