Timing Your Sale


Timing Your Sale

Timing your sale is crucial when it comes to putting your property on the market – you need to consider a number of factors. It’s vital to allow plenty of time to select an appropriate agency, then take their advice on preparing your home before allowing them time to take the best images, in the right light.  You then need to line up your finances for the onward move, ensure the market is right and that buyers are out there, and so on…

When is the time right?
The market is always active, but to maximise the selling price of your home, you want to attract as many buyers as possible. So, consider who is likely to buy from you and their lifestyle. Timing your sale around your prospective buyers is important. If you are selling a family home for example, the month of August could be a bad idea when families are taking summer holidays.

What about the economic picture?
This can be tricky to predict, but looking at the news, investors and young buyers are more cautious and are likely to back off at hint of a downturn. Much of the time this is just speculation across the media.  But if we talk about something enough it seems to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. There will always be people who need homes and we move when the time is right in our lives.  However, policies affecting interest rates and market dynamics can have an influence.

A resilient economy
The economy appears to be resilient at present and buying activity is ‘business as normal’. That said, all the while we read about house prices crashing by a third if the mythical ‘no deal Brexit’ takes place! But does anyone believe this?  The Government seems to be running around in circles.  Meanwhile, we can rest assured that in reality a deal will be reached and if not, we will end up just as we are presently, no change. In or out of the EU, we all still need a place to live.

Get the right agent
More importantly, when you do choose to sell, finding the right agent is vital. You want to feel confident they select the right buyer, conduct the right checks and put the right security measures in place. The chances of your chain falling through due to Brexit are slim.  But the chances your agent selects the wrong buyer and your sale falls through, causing you to waste money and time are much higher.

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