Trafford’s House Price Boom!


Trafford’s House Price Boom!

Trafford increasing house prices are attracting developers and investors from far and wide! Average house prices in this area have risen by £64,539 in the past 2 years (Halifax figures). Making Trafford the top performing authority in the North West. It has been touted as THE place to invest due to the perfect recipe of high performing Grammar Schools; golden sector businesses; great transport links; beautiful period properties; massive council investment and of course the inevitable surge in property prices.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) average earnings in Trafford are on par with those in London; where house prices have increased by over £100,000 in the same period. Many Trafford’s housing more affordable and more attractive. Trafford has seen an increase in golden sector businesses (including: professional, scientific, technical, communication, financial and insurance) of 37% over the last 5 years.

Martin Ellis from Halifax stated: “homeowners in these areas can build up large levels of equity quickly, but for potential buyers whose wages have failed to keep pace, the cost of buying has become more unaffordable”.