UK High street estate agents are the best value in Europe!


UK High street estate agents are the best value in Europe!

UK High street estate agents are the best value in Europe!

UK high street estate agents fed up with having to justify their fees in the face of ‘commisery’ criticism by fixed-fee hybrids and online estate agents like Purplebricks, can take relief from a new report published by comparison site GetAgent.

The site has researched selling rates across the EU and discovered that the UK is the cheapest among all the 28 member states (pre-Brexit of course)!

GetAgent reports that the average sales fee charged by UK property sales agents, excluding VAT is 1.2%(Jameson and Partners never charges as much as this, even WITH VAT included), much lower than our nearest rivals for good value, Denmark (1.25%) and Ireland (1.75%).

The three most expensive countries, by comparison, are Romania (6%), Malta (6%) and both Cyprus and France at 5%, although the lower average house price in these countries compared to the UK means that the overall commission paid is likely to be lower.

“I think it’s fair to say that estate agents in the UK have a tough time of it when it comes to justifying their fees, with the predominant opinion being that they charge too much for the service provided,” says GetAgent CEO Colby Short.

“This really isn’t the case and as this research shows, the UK is actually home to the lowest estate agent fees in the EU and therefore you could argue, the best service as well.

So while three to four thousand pounds may seem like a significant amount of money to have to pay as an agent fee when selling a property for hundreds of thousands, think twice – you could be paying upwards of ten thousand if you were to live in another area of the EU!

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