Independent local estate agents Jameson and Partners look at why you should support local

Why you should support local independent businesses


Why you should support local independent businesses

Here in Altrincham, many people know why you should support local independent businesses. But sometimes it’s difficult to know which businesses are truly independent.
As a local independent estate agency, we’re always having to work hard to compete against larger, big estate agent chains and online agents. So, we’d like to reinforce why supporting local is vital.

Hushed acquisitions
It’s a fact. Many large corporations are buying up estate agents in small towns and villages. Often you are led to believe that estate agents on the high street are still the small local independent businesses they always were. However, they may actually be part of a larger group.
With the acquisitions and purchases of these estate agents being kept out of the public eye, the marketing and rebranding remains unchanged. So, you still think it’s the same business.
Did you know? Almost all of the estate agents in Altrincham and Hale are part of larger, corporate business groups?

Why this hurts local independent businesses
First and foremost, local independent estate agents like us find it increasingly harder to compete with the fees such large businesses offer. To deliver the level of service we do, employ local people, and remain present on the high street, we can’t afford price wars.
So, with this in mind we want to remind people of all the wonderful thigs small independent businesses offer. And also, to outline clearly, the fact that there are very few genuinely local property companies around Altrincham and Hale now.

The benefits of supporting local independent businesses
When you support independent local businesses, you offer a wide range of benefits to your local community. Not to mention your own personal experience. Here are just a few…

Create local jobs
Small local businesses offer local employment opportunities and more often than not, pay higher average salaries than national chains. We also take great pleasure in training local staff to grow their expertise and knowledge. Why? Because we are truly passionate about what we do.

Support the local economy and keep the high street thriving
Local business owners know more than anyone else, how important it is to keep it local. You will find these businesses reinvest every penny spent on goods and services locally. Larger organisations on the other hand will likely have bulk deals for their whole corporation or franchise.
Whatever we need, we turn to our local business community whether it’s to buy something or for support with services.

Engage with real people
You get personality and character when you deal with small businesses. Local businesses are run by real people, not by stockholders, boards, or algorithms. Every customer really matters to a small business. You are not a number – you are a vital part of our livelihood.

Get the customer service experience you deserve
When it comes to estate agents specifically, a local independent property business is genuinely tailored to your area. You won’t find anyone who knows the area better. We never make decisions based on national trends or what was decided in the boardroom. You will not find better customer service from a local estate agent, and it is so much more authentic too.

Find more originality on the high street
If we lose small local independent businesses, we risk losing individuality on the high street. Do you really want to travel from one town to the next and find the same, identical choice of shops and services? The unique nature of independent business is what adds to the variety and character. This in turn makes people want to live nearby, or visit, helping the town to prosper.

Help drive innovation
The most innovative methods of doing business stem from local independent businesses. Why? Well, most of the time we aren’t burdened by red tape and difficult decision making processes. Plus, smaller local businesses have to be innovative to stand out and compete against larger companies.

Local community tax benefits
As surprising as this may sound, small local businesses often pay more tax. And that is because local governments often offer tax incentives to entice larger, national-owned businesses into their community. So, when you shop or use the services of a local business, you know the tax burden on local residents is lowered.

Easier to get help when you need it
If something goes wrong, when you deal with a small local business, you can talk to a local business owner directly. On the other hand, we’ve all felt the pain of trying to get support from a national corporation. Here you will often be given a customer service number, which is not always in the UK. And then it can take an eternity to speak to someone and resolve your concern.

Supporting entrepreneurs
And finally, by supporting a small local business, you are supporting someone or a team who give their all to their business. Us who take the plunge into owning our own business, know it is risky and very stressful. But we love what we do. And we really hope the local community will support us, showing appreciation for our hard work, dedication, and love for our high street.

These customers supported our local independent business
We don’t want to blow our own trumpet. And anyone can say they are great at something or give the best service. But you need authentic proof for yourself, right?
We’ve taken a snapshot of just some of the customer reviews we have received in the last eighteen months. These are all readily available for you to read on Google, which you can do here.
But while we’ve got you, maybe we can show just how much of a difference we make to people’s lives when they choose our independent estate agents.
Take a look at these…

Helping with a property sale – D. Coe
Decided to sell My property with Jameson’s after meeting Jennifer Jameson for my valuation. Very professional and knew exactly what she was doing. I have some experience with estate agents and can honestly say Jennifer goes the extra mile when needed. Any problems arise she’s on it.. Always available if needed. If you are serious about selling your house this is the estate agent you want.

Helping with a property purchase – F Renata
Jennifer and her team are exactly how estate agents should be. Knowledgeable, helpful, they keep you updated without having to chase them every week. They might not be the cheapest around but you definitely get top quality service. Also worth mentioning that they actually spend time to get to know the house before doing viewings. Speaking from a buyer’s perspective, it’s very annoying when you ask something to the agent and they haven’t got a clue about the house. Keep up the good work Jen and team!

A successful property sale – M Edwards
I have just sold our house using Jameson and Partners Ltd. I genuinely think they are a brilliant estate agents and would recommend them to anyone. They communicate well, they were attentive, friendly, on the ball, and they went above and beyond by getting involved with all aspects of the process. They managed to sell our house for the maximum it would get on the market and I am pleased with that so, thanks to Anna and Jennifer.

Finally, this customer sold her property – L Tong-Davies
We spent nearly 2 years trying to sell our property in Altrincham and after frustrating & stressful experiences with two other local real estate agents we decided to try Jen and her team at Jameson & Partners. Our house was sold over the asking price and transaction completed smoothly & quickly with the team pushing things along all the way. Great communication and professionalism from start to finish which made the process almost enjoyable!! Thank you so much for all your help. We would not hesitate to recommend Jen, Anna and all the team at Jameson & Partners.

A property purchase and sale – A Cambeis
Very professional, knowledgeable, approachable, customer oriented estate agents. Even for us as buyers, we felt heard and updated at every stage of the process. Update 2021: Now sold our house with Jameson & Partners, again impressed by the fantastic support we’ve received, beyond what we could have expected. Thanks ever so much Jennifer and team for being such a great partner during this process!

Now you know why you should support local businesses, we hope you have us in mind if you are looking to sell, rent, or buy a property in Altrincham or the surrounding areas. Our five-star customer reviews tell you all you need to know. And if you want to visit us, you can find our helpful, happy team of independent estate agents on The Downs in the centre of Altrincham. Contact us today.