Would You Like a Lower Council Tax Bill?


Would You Like a Lower Council Tax Bill?

We would all like to pay less council tax! But how can we achieve this and is it even possible. Research has shown that around one third of those who ask the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to review their bills get a reduction; but, if you think it has been miss calculated here is now you can ask for a review:

  1. Visit this site:
  2. Check what tax band your property falls in on the valuation list
  3. Once you have selected your property you will see the option below stating: ‘do you think this council tax band is wrong?’ – click here
  4. You will be able to contact the bank by contacting the VOA
  5. By answering the questions from the checklist, you would be able to find out if you can make a challenge
  6. Add evidence to support your challenge such as house prices or banding of similar properties

After completing these steps, you will find out if the challenge is successful. In average, 29 per cent of the challenges across England leads to cheaper tax bills.

It is also worth considering whether you fall into any of the following groups who are entitled to a discount:

  1. 25% if you are the only adult in the house (non-adults are those under 18, apprentices, students and live in carers)
  2. Some councils offer you a discount to pay by direct debit
  3. Many councils offer help for those hit by the drop-in council tax support, this is called the hardship fund

Other house will be exempt from council tax, these include:

  1. Properties owned by a charity
  2. Empty properties due to a death
  3. Unoccupied homes as the owner lives in a care facility
  4. If all residents are full-time students
  5. All residents are under 18
  6. All residents have severe mental impairments
  7. Occupied by a diplomat
  8. A self-contained granny flat lived in by a dependant relative