Secure your forever home

Secure your ‘forever home’


Secure your ‘forever home’

If you’ve wanted to sell your property and secure your ‘forever home’, how tough have the last few years been? The market just hasn’t been right. There’s been very little choice. And the confidence hasn’t been there. Fortunately, with the election done and dusted, we’re seeing renewed stability in the market.
Those with the aspirations and finances to sell and move are doing so. And that’s good news because there’s never been any shortage of buyers. Especially across the Altrincham, Hale and Sale areas. 2020 is here and it’s a good time to buy, as well as sell.

The decision to stay put
Housing stock has been in huge demand the last couple of years. Riding it out through the years of political and economic uncertainty, many sellers simply decided to not sell. Affordability has played a big part too. For those who bought their first home a couple or several years ago, they can’t afford to move up the ladder.

The average age of the first-time buyer is around the early thirties. With this in mind, they’d be looking to buy their ‘forever home’ some ten years down the line. For many, it’s more cost-effective to ‘stay put’ and renovate, extend or modernise their property. Instead of looking to buy one, some are deciding to create their own ‘forever home’.

What makes a ‘forever home’
There’s a lot of factors when it comes to the ideal ‘forever home’. Looking at the property itself, a garden tops the list of requirements. Space for growing, gardening, the children to play and relaxing in the warmer months. How many bedrooms the property has, is important too. First-time buyers who are couples, may be looking to the future and raising a family. Or perhaps families are looking for extra space to welcome visitors. Location and access to amenities ranks high on the list. The convenience of getting to the local park, to the shops or school is considered important. And with many families having at least one car, a parking space is a must.

Why the Altrincham area is perfect for a ‘forever home’
The last few years have seen Altrincham and its immediate surrounding regions boom in popularity. Villages such as Hale, Bowdon and Timperley are very desirable places to live. Sale and the bordering Brooklands area are popular too, thanks to their close proximity to Altrincham.

The region offers a lot for all age groups; from young professionals to families and those in their older years. From a thriving town centre to excellent schools, the region is close to good transport links and plenty of green spaces. Most homes in the region tick all the boxes when it comes to a ‘forever home’ too. Homes are a good size, the majority with ample sized gardens and spaces for parking.

Selling your home in Altrincham
Yes, property prices are a little higher across the Altrincham region compared to others. The premium prices are mostly down to the popularity of the WA14 and WA15 postcodes. And of course, the lack of homes for sale to meet buyer demand. But, when you buy a home in this region, it’s likely to be one that you want to keep forever.

However, you may also still aspire to find your ‘forever home’. If you have moved to the area and considered renovations but find them too expensive or too much hassle, moving up the ladder is still a viable option. There are more homes coming through thanks to the confidence in the market. And for anyone selling, there are there are plenty of buyers looking to move to the area. One thing’s for sure, the market’s picked up which means it’s not too late to secure your ‘forever home’.

If you’re looking to sell your home across the across the Altrincham, Sale, Bowdon or Hale area, contact us today for a free valuation. As local independent estate agents, we know the market in these regions very well and can give you the advice and support you need. You literally won’t find an estate agent who will do more for you, whether you’re buying or selling. So, why not give us a try…