Buying a Property

Buying a Property

couple on doorstep of new home

We are here to guide you throughout the buying process, no matter what you are looking for the team at Jameson and Partners Estate Agents will be delighted to help.

The step by step process:

  1. Searching for the perfect property – During your initial consultation we will collect your detailed search criteria and begin hunting for your new property. If we don’t presently have a suitable property we will actively seek properties matching your criteria and notify you as soon as one comes to the market.
  2. Making an offer on a property – When you have found a property you like, you first need to decide on your offer (the price you want to pay) to the seller. This may be less, the same or more than the price he is asking. There may then be negotiations over the price until you both agree on a final figure.
  3. Offer agreed – Once the seller has accepted your offer, your solicitor begins the conveyancing process. This includes the necessary legal searches, which will define exactly what you are buying; the terms of the sale; and that the seller is entitled to sell it to you.
  4. Finance and property survey – If you need a loan (a ‘mortgage’) to buy the property, you should now talk to a mortgage broker (a professional who arranges mortgage loans) or go directly to a lender.

You may also want a professional report (a ‘survey’ ) on the property to make sure that is in good condition.

  1. Exchange of contracts – The Exchange of Contracts is the legal commitment that says you will buy the property, and the seller will sell it to you. Until this point, either of you could change your minds and walk away. But when contracts are exchanged, you are both legally required to proceed.
  2. Completion – Completion is when the deal is finalised, your solicitor will now allow us to release the keys. The property is now yours!