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Garden Tips for Successful Home Sales


Garden Tips for Successful Home Sales

We’re sharing some garden tips for successful home sales. Because here’s the thing. Gardens matter! When it comes to selling your home, we can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure your garden looks as tip top as your home interior. You may not have green fingers or care too much what your garden looks like. But believe us, your buyers will.

Why garden presentation matters

If your garden looks like it has been well looked after, it can make the difference when it comes to offers on the property. Much like the inside of your home, the better your garden looks in the marketing pictures and on viewing day, the more likely you will attract interested buyers.

Overall, you want your garden to look like it’s been cared for. So, here are our garden tips for making sure your garden (front and back) looks its best in time for getting your property on the market.

A little spruce goes a long way

To get started, if you have a lawn, then give it a mow so it looks neat and tidy. If you have stubborn weeds coming through the lawn, then try and remove as many as you can. Likewise remove any unsightly weeds from the flowerbeds. If you have mature shrubs, bushes or hedgerows which are looking overgrown, then cut them back. You want to showcase the space available in your garden as much as how neat it is.

Pay attention to any paths you have to the front, back or sides of your house. You want these to be visible, with the edges clear and weeds removed.

And most importantly of all, take the time to mend anything that’s broken in your garden. Fence panels are important to pay attention to. These should be upright and intact otherwise buyers can view them as a security risk.

And give your garden a general tidy up, removing any clutter you might have accumulated over time. The more prospective buyers can see the potential with your garden, the happier they will be to make an offer.

Refresh woodwork with a lick of paint

Take a look at the woodwork in your garden. Maybe your decking or fence panels are looking tired and a little worn? It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to revive them and getting them looking as  good as new. When choosing a colour of exterior wood paint, try to keep to as neutral a colour as possible for greater appeal. But your time spent giving older, tired-looking woodwork a refresh will pay dividends when it comes to sprucing up your garden.
It’s the difference between potential buyers seeing expensive items which need replacing, to feeling satisfied the garden is ready to use.

Plant pots and baskets

The addition of colourful flowers or green foliage in pots and baskets can make a real difference to your garden. Whatever the season, there is always something you can plant in a pot to decorate your patio or front door step. You can pick up ready-made hanging baskets from most garden centres and nurseries, to save you too much effort.

The splash of colour or stylish arrangements in pots will certainly make a great addition to your property marketing photos. And to the front of the home, they make a very welcoming, positive first impression to those viewing your property.

And don’t forget, when the time comes to move, you can take your pots and baskets with you to make your new home look fabulous too.

Outside dining and entertainment 

The trend for outdoor living is massive right now. And property buyers are keen to see where and how areas for dining, relaxing and entertaining can be best enjoyed in a garden.

If you have a patio space, firstly take a look at the condition of the patio tiles or pavestones. Could they do with a clean? It’s amazing what a blast with a jet wash can do to get them looking like new again.

And whether you have a patio or decking, get your tables and chairs out on show so prospective buyers can see the potential for outdoor dining and relaxing. If the weather is nice in time for your property marketing photos, you can even put out the furniture cushions and other accessories to help set the scene.

Get help from a local gardener

If tackling your garden before selling your home proves to be too big a job, then invest in the help from a local gardener. It really will be money well spent, having a professional help you to get your garden looking the best it can be. And here in Altrincham, there are lots of local gardeners who can be found on social media.

These are all simple but effective garden tips for successful home sales.
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