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The Top 5 Must-haves for Homebuyers


The Top 5 Must-haves for Homebuyers

Find out what the top 5 must-haves for homebuyers are when it comes to selling your home. While every buyer is different, survey results show what factors rank the highest with house hunters. If you are looking to sell, can you tick a few off the list? Find out more…

What the survey results show
294 estate agents across the country were recently asked which single factor they’d rate as the most important with a property, for homebuyers. The study, which was done by Huawei commissioned research group OMDIA, unearthed some interesting viewpoints. One of these being the rise in the importance of a good broadband connection. 

But let’s start at the top. It might come as little surprise that ranking number one in the survey result was ‘Size of Property’, at 23%. Ever since Covid struck and we’ve endured lockdowns, property size has been a massive factor for prospective buyers.
After that, ‘Broadband quality’ wasn’t far behind at 20%. It is also believed that a good broadband connection can increase the value of your property. Around 37% of the estate agents questioned believe quality internet access can add more than £5,000 to the value of your home. Even more in some regions!

Third on the list was the ‘Number of Bedrooms’, which came in at 18%. Meanwhile ‘Age of Property’ was perceived as important by 10%. And coming very closely behind that was ‘Access to Transport’ at 9%.
It certainly looks like there has been a shift in priorities with house buyers, which is reflective of the times we live in.

Living desires for thirty somethings
Such is the expense of buying a home, it’s fair to say first-time buyers are likely to fall in the thirty-something age bracket. We saw an article published recently in a national newspaper, following a poll carried out for St. Mowlem Homes. This listed the must-haves for homebuyers who are in the thirty-something age group. The results of which are quite interesting.

When it comes to space, buyers in this age group want somewhere to have a home office, they also prefer homes with an en suite bathroom. Outside, they also look for garden space, so that they can be sustainable with vegetable growing. In terms of location for this age group, according to the poll, being closer to a gym ranks higher than being near a supermarket. There is also a desire to live close to independent shops such as farm shops or a butchers.
Again, this poll shows how much attitudes have changed in the last couple of years when it comes to homes. And we imagine this will change again in the next year. The must-haves for homebuyers may well shift to greener solutions. This could be by way of wanting homes with electric car charging points, solar panels, or even air pumps.

How this region shapes up for house buyers
When you look at both sets of survey results, it’s easy to see why our local towns such as Sale, Hale, Timperley, and Altrincham remain so popular.
Yes, we always mention the good schools in the regions, as they help leverage buyer interest and keep prices healthy. But even for those who do not yet have a family, there are still many advantages to buying a property within any of these regions.

First off, it’s a worthy investment especially when you consider many of the properties across our area are a good size or offer scope for further extension. You are always close to good transport links too, with either the tram or train lines nearby. From a broadband perspective, we don’t fare too bad in this part of the country. Many of the people who sell properties with us, tell us they have excellent internet connections. If people are choosy over the age of a property, this region offers a good selection from newer estates with houses, to apartments and older properties with heritage.

The fact towns like Altrincham, Sale, and Hale offer so much from a social perspective makes a huge difference, too. Having independent shops, gyms, bars, markets, and places to eat on your doorstep is a big attraction for homebuyers. Green spaces are prolific in the region and quite simply, people love living here. What we could do with in this region are more properties as buyer demand remains very healthy, which we expect to see continue into 2022.

Are you looking to sell your home in Altrincham or one of the surrounding areas? Does you property tick off some of the must-haves for homebuyers? Perhaps you are considering renting your property? As an independent estate agent in the heart of Altrincham we can help you with any property matters.
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