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Preparing for your photoshoot


Preparing for your photoshoot


Here are some tips to ensure your property looks it is very best in the photos which will be used for your advertisement. When marketing your property, it is crucial to display your properties full potential, to ensure we can achieve the best possible price.

Here are the steps we suggest you take to prepare for the photos:

  1. Clean all surfaces: Polish tabletops, surfaces and any glazing. Remove any mould from between tiles and around fixtures. Ensure the windows, shower screens, and any stainless-steel items have been cleaned.


  1. Remove any unnecessary clutter: Remove from sight any cleaning products, soaps, razors, washing up bowls, marigolds, make-up, grooming equipment, used clothes and towels. We often see the backs of doors stacked with jackets or dressing gowns, these are best placed in wardrobes. Any rubbish should also be removed from view, including dustbins and recycling containers.


  1. Maximise light: Open all curtains and blinds; check that the bulbs in lamps and light fittings are working. If possible, change bulbs for blue light or natural light rather than warm yellow tones.


  1. Staging the space: It is pleasing to see a space which tells a story, has a theme or has some intrigue to draw the viewer in. If staging, ensure the theme is consistent throughout the property. You should also consider creating symmetry or clean lines in the space where possible. If your décor is largely neutral shades, you could throw in a splash of colour by adding some scatter cushions, a lamp, a vase, a throw or a piece of artwork which have a similar colour running through, to add some interest.


  1. Timing: Ideally photos need to be taken when there is plenty of natural light flooding through the windows, this is best in the morning or late afternoon (of course before sunset). Weather is another factor to consider, a blue sky is always a nice backdrop to the photos. For the internal images we can work with the weather we have; for external photos, the weather makes a major difference and it might be necessary to return on more than one occasion to get the best lighting for the garden and front external. If you can inform us of what time of day the sun is shining on your garden and on the front of your house, we will be able to pop back as needed to capture the best moment.


This might sound like a lot of hard work, but trust us, it is well worth it. We are always happy to help, if you need a local cleaner or gardener, to assist with tidying up before the photos, please do let us know.