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Rental Rules – EICR – Compulsory Electrical Safety Checks


Rental Rules – EICR – Compulsory Electrical Safety Checks

We have an important update on rental rules with regards the new EICR, electrical safety checks.
As of 1st July 2020, The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) are introducing a requirement for all rental properties to have a valid electrical safety report. The name of this report is the EICR (electrical inspection and condition report).
Any new tenancies starting after 1st July 2020 will require one of these reports. Likewise will any existing tenancies as of April 2021. Please be aware, any tenancies renewed after the 1st of July are still considered a new tenancy.

So, what is the EICR and how often will it need to be renewed?
The EICR will generally require renewal every 5 years. But with older properties, updates might be needed to ensure compliance with the minimum safety standards.

The new legislation requires the landlord or managing agency to comply with the following guidelines.

  1. Obtain a report from the person conducting that inspection and test. This must give the results of the inspection and test, and the date of the next inspection and test.
  2. Supply a copy of that report to each existing tenant of the residential premises, within 28 days of the inspection and test.
  3. Supply a copy of that report to the local housing authority within seven days of receiving a request in writing for it, from that authority.
  4. Retain a copy of that report until the next inspection and test is due. Then supply a copy to the person carrying out the next inspection and test.
  5. Supply a copy of the most recent report to,
    1. Any new tenant of the specified tenancy to which the report relates, before that tenant occupies those premises.
    2. Any prospective tenant within 28 days of receiving a request in writing for it, from that prospective tenant.

Take care with compliance
Local authorities will have the authority to issue fines up to £30,000 for non-compliance with the above guidelines. If an electrician highlights a concern with the current electrical installation, the landlord will have 28 days to rectify the property. Another report will also need to be carried out in this time.
We advise that you take care when seeking an electrician. Some may run the initial safety tests at a competitive, loss leading price. However, they may go on to charge inflated prices to rectify the issues revealed. Therefore, the cheapest price is not always going to save you money.

Testing with Jameson & Partners
We plan to start carrying out these tests, on existing tenancies, well in advance of April 2021. Our reason for this is that we anticipate many electricians to increase their prices around February / March 2021. This will be due to many landlords and letting agents looking to obtain these certificates before the April cut off.
If we manage your properties, you can rest assured we have it all in hand. We will make sure compliance with all current regulations. We’ll also inform you of any alterations you need to do, to remain compliant.

If you are considering a new agent to manage your rental properties, we would be more than happy to talk through the services we offer in more detail. Contact us today online here or call us on 0161 941 4445.