Sell your home in Winter - tips from Jameson and Partners estate agents in Altrincham

Sell your home in winter


Sell your home in winter

You might be wondering if it’s a good idea to sell your home in Winter? We would say yes and will go on to explain why. There are also some important things you should check, do, and prepare if you are looking to sell in the winter months.  Read on to find out more…

Why it’s beneficial to sell your home in winter
When you look at the pattern for property sales throughout the year, the winter months are usually the quietest of all. That’s because people focus on the Christmas holiday season, especially from a financial perspective. But, especially in today’s modern market, there are still active buyers to be had in the winter time.
The fact the market is quieter means a better chance for your home to stand out. Plus, you are more likely to get quicker responses with your sale. From estate agents to conveyancers, these are our quieter months. In winter, we can often deal with property matters quicker than at other times of the year.

That said, the one thing to watch out for if you choose to sell your home in winter, is availability. Ideally, you want your estate agent and conveyancing team to be available as much as possible. If they close from mid-December until the first week of January, consider if that will be a problem for you.

How to maximise a property sale in Winter
We don’t need to spell it out to you how much better homes look and feel in the spring or summer months. But that’s not to say you can’t sell your home in winter. All it means is that you have to pay attention to a few different things in your home, to get it looking the best it can. Buyers can get a truer feel for what a property is like in the winter months. This can very much aid and benefit a sale. So, what should you do to prepare your property for a winter sale? How can you make your home welcoming to prospective buyers this winter?

Here are some of our tips.

Make sure outside lighting is working
Outside lighting is very important, especially if viewings will be taking place in the late afternoon or early evening. We will always turn on the outside lights at viewings so buyers can see the outside of the property. Not having lights working outside can be detrimental. Check your security lights too, buyers will be keen to see how secure the property is.

Clean up fallen leaves
It really does pay to keep your garden maintenance in tip-top condition if you are selling in winter. If you have a front or rear garden susceptible to fallen leaves, then clear them as often as possible. We want buyers to be able to see the full size and scope of your garden or outside area. It also helps make your property more appealing, being able to see the lawn, patio, or other outside areas.
And it’s important to clear leaves not only for official viewings. If you get a lot of leaves to the front of your property, just think prospective buyers might view the outside of your home in their own time. Have your home looking the best it can, as often as possible.

Service any fires
When we show prospective buyers around properties in the winter months, we like them to get a real feel for how warm your home is at this time of year. So, if you have a fire, be it a gas fire or a wood stove, make sure it is serviced and working effectively.
It’s a good selling point for buyers to know that any fires have been well looked after. Buyers can also feel for themselves how warm the home can be. And, having a low flame on at the time of viewing creates an inviting ambience.

Turn on your radiators
As well as the fire, it pays to have the central heating on low, for property viewings in winter.  If you turn off the radiators in any rooms you don’t use often, then make sure to turn them on. We want to avoid prospective buyers stepping into freezing cold rooms. It’s important prospective buyers can feel the warmth throughout the home and feel assured the heating systems functions well.

Add a decorative wreath to your front door
If you are selling this winter and want to decorate your home, especially for the festive period, we highly recommend a decorative wreath. A tasteful, seasonal wreath will make the perfect centrepiece on your front door and will showcase your home. You can get autumnal wreaths as much as festive ones.
If your property is on the market over Christmas time, we recommend scaling back on too many other decorations. Decorative outside lights can be a little overbearing for some buyers, likewise too many internal decorations. Remember, when selling your home, you want to show it off to its full potential to attract buyers.

Soften the mood
When it comes to inside the home, you can add a few touches to help buyers leave with a lasting, positive impression. For example, add fragrant seasonal candles to rooms, to bring in some lovely aroma. Bring in extra fabrics and textures to help make rooms feel warmer and more welcoming. We recommend throws on sofas or beds, or some extra cushions, even a rug or two. If you show off your property in all its winter comfort and glory, you may well sell your home in winter much quicker than you thought.

Jameson and Partners is a local Altrincham-based estate agency. We are well placed to deal with all manner of property sales and lettings across Altrincham, Hale, Sale, Timperley, Bowdon, to name a few. We stay open between the Christmas and New Year period, so we can help you sell your home in winter without too much stress. Contact us for more information.