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Spring into action and sell your home


Spring into action and sell your home

Did you know the best time to sell your home is during the spring months? Yes, the brighter weather and longer days make for quicker, faster, and more successful property sales.
We share some statistics around selling your home in Spring, including how the months have fared previously for home sales in Altrincham. Find out more…

March, April, and May
Over the past five years (excluding 2020), the number of buyer enquiries per property for sale has been highest during March, April, and May. This information comes via data from Rightmove.
But it makes sense. With Christmas out the way, and the summer holidays still some way off, spring is often a convenient time to sell your home.
And let’s not forget, it’s not just your plans you need to consider. You want to reach as many people as possible once your house goes on the market. If you sell during August, you run the risk of families being too busy, or away, to consider buying a home.
Plus, the beauty of springtime is that everything looks that little bit more fabulous. The sun starts to shine, the garden starts to bloom, and homes look more appealing.

How does springtime fare?
If you thought selling your home in springtime was a myth, here are some statistics to convince you otherwise. They come from property market intelligence company Dataloft, and Rightmove, and look at property sales through the spring months. So, did you know…
–           Currently around 75% of properties are successfully finding a buyer, compared to a historical average of around 50%.
–           Properties are selling, subject to contract, 20 days quicker than the five-year average.
–           With interest rates anticipated to rise in small increments over the course of 2022, spring could be a good time to move.

Don’t rush into a springtime sale
If spring comes round and you’re not ready to get your home on the market, then by all means don’t rush into it. It’s far more important you have your property in the best shape it can be, to maximise interest, and of course get the best final selling price. We always advise you get the small jobs done and spend a little on fixing imperfections, before rushing to get your property on the market. It’s not the end of the world if your home isn’t ready in time for spring.

What do property sales in Altrincham look like in spring?
Interestingly, property sales in Altrincham, pre-Covid, have also been consistently strong from March through until July.
If we go back five years, to 2017, the average number of property transactions in Altrincham over the months of March, April, and May stood at 31. The highest number peaked at 43 in March itself.
The following year, in 2018, property sales in Altrincham struggled for the first half of the year. The average sales across the springtime months were only 22 per month. The bad weather in 2018 is thought to be behind the national lull in the property market at the time.

In 2019, the local Altrincham property market picked up again. Transactions across March, April, and May averaged 28 per month. Come March 2020, when transactions were at 27 for the month, the year was looking more positive still. Until Covid hit. By April 2020, transactions dropped right down to 10 for the month. This was until the property market was given the boost by means of the Stamp Duty holiday.

In 2021, property sales in Altrincham were some of the highest we have ever seen. Looking at the springtime months specifically, 56 transactions went through in March 2021. This was followed by 31 in April, and 22 in May. Many of the springtime transactions at the time faced delays due to backlogs with conveyancing and Land Registry. So, it was June 2021 when we saw the biggest number of property sales in Altrincham. Here, a record 75 transactions went through. You have to go back to October 2002 for Altrincham property sales in a month to be anywhere near that figure. Even then, they only reached 69.

How do we see house sales performing in Altrincham this spring?
We anticipate property sales in Altrincham to be strong again this spring. Purely because prices are still high, and demand remains in the region. We know there is a shortage of housing stock compared to demand. And because of that we have seen some very quick property sales in Altrincham already this year, with some homes going for far more than the asking price!
However, interest rates and the cost of living are set to increase over the course of the year. With this in mind, we believe more people will be keen to get their Altrincham property on the market sooner rather than later.

Please note – All Altrincham transaction sales data featured in this article comes via property intelligence company Dataloft.

If you have your sights getting your property on the market, and want to sell your home in spring, contact us for a FREE property valuation. We can advise not only your property value, but what you can do to get the quickest sale, at the very best price. Contact our professional property team at our estate agents in Altrincham today.