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What do House Buyers want?


What do House Buyers want?

What do House Buyers want when it comes to the properties they are looking to purchase? As we continue to experience unprecedented activity in the housing market, we take a look at what house buyers are looking for. Find out more…

Space and size
There is no doubting the fact we have all come to appreciate the homes we live in much more.
With all the lockdowns, the restrictions placed on us, and more family members either working or studying from home, we want more space. We’ve seen first-hand, the growing need for homes offering space, and that’s both inside and outside. From extra space for a home office, to using the garden for a bit of outdoor living, people want and need extra room.

The demand for homes with three bedrooms or more, are selling faster than ever. And that includes those properties with the scope to extend. In fact, in this area of Altrincham, Hale, and Sale, there’s not enough of these larger homes to meet demand.

Superfast broadband

We’re often asked about the quality of the broadband services in a given area where people are looking to buy. However, the need for superfast broadband also appeared in some new research which was published recently. A property consultancy, Bramleys, analysed the priorities of 3,000 UK adults when it comes to homebuying. Nearly a quarter of survey respondents (24%) would prioritise buying a home with superfast broadband over being close to a good school.
This has a bearing on two things. One being the fact younger, first-time buyers without a family are looking to move away from the city to more rural areas. They need high-quality broadband to enable them to work from home. Secondly, the pressure being put on larger family homes with everyone online, means superfast broadband is more of an essential need in today’s world.

Rural living

Alongside the need for space, house buyers have been upping sticks and looking to move to more rural areas. Why? Quite simply for better mental health. To be able to get out into green spaces for walks, exercise, and family time is important to many. With city centres not being the places they once were, and the rise in homeworking as the norm, we’re seeing a shift in buying attitudes. People are looking to buy homes close to green spaces. At the same time, you are more likely to find larger homes in more rural settings. So, these two factors go hand-in-hand.
And it’s not just the pandemic which has led to an increase in more homes being bought in rural areas. We are more in touch with the needs of our planet and living sustainably. This can be done more easily if we have enough green space around us.

Sustainable technology
We are seeing homes which offer eco-features from solar panels to heat pumps, even electric vehicle charging points becoming more popular. We’re all aware of the government’s plans to cut emissions, including from people’s homes in the near future. These plans include improving energy efficiency and using low carbon heating systems. Some homebuyers are looking for properties which area already geared up for greener living. Such features add value to a property and will impact on the final price.
However, if someone has a choice between the right-sized home with or without sustainable solutions, they’ll choose the one which has the technology included. After all, it will be one less expense and job to do further down the line. It’s a case of when and not if the government rolls out further plans for cutting emissions.

Amenities remain important
Certainly in towns like Altrincham and Hale, where we are very lucky to have such great amenities on our doorsteps, properties here remain popular. These areas are blessed by being so close to many green spaces, too. While house buyers want extra space, and rural living, they also want to be able to get to the shops, eat out, and enjoy socialising with friends, too.
A property close to good local amenities will always sell well, and this remains the case in this unusual world we find ourselves in.

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