Tips to secure a rental property from Jameson and Partners estate agents in Altrincham

Tips to secure a rental property in the New Year


Tips to secure a rental property in the New Year

Will you be looking to secure a rental property in the New Year? We predict a competitive, busy rental market in 2023. Which is why we are sharing some tips to help you secure the property you want. How can you get one step ahead of other renters? There are no guarantees with anything, but you can be best prepared. Find out more…

Rental properties in short supply

One of the biggest problems in the rental sector, is the shortage of rental properties. This is true in the Altrincham region as much as across the wider North West, and nationwide. The situation has been worsened by the increase in interest rates which saw many would-be buyers having to re-evaluate their plans and rent for longer. Add that to the number of landlords who have had to sell rental properties due to a mix of rising mortgage rates and new government legislation. And there’s a lot of pressure on the private rental sector right now. We see it first-hand; no sooner does a rental property come on the market and we are inundated with enquiries.
So, what can you do to secure a rental property in 2023?
Tips to secure a rental property from Jameson and Partners estate agents in Altrincham

Get on estate agent lists

You are probably already signed up to receive alerts to know about new rental homes on the market. But we recommend, especially if you know the areas you need or want to rent in, to reach out to independent estate agents too. As an independent high street estate agent ourselves, we take the time to contact those people who have registered with us, about new rental properties. And this might happen before we get chance to list the rental property on the online platforms. So, to really be first to know about new rental homes, get out there and speak to local estate agents. We might just have a property you haven’t seen before.

Be organised when it comes to your finances

We manage a lot of tenant verification for our landlords. We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you have your finances in healthy order. You should be ready to move with the necessary deposits and be able to quickly prove your salary or salaries. This will look good in the eyes of both the landlord and letting agent.
If you can afford to pay 6 months’ rent or more up front, then communicate this from the start and make sure you can prove it.

Gather all the necessary paperwork

You can speed up the tenant checking process by being organised with the necessary paperwork.

There are a few references needed when it comes securing a rental property. These usually come from your employer, your bank, and if you have rented previously, your former landlord. It’s worth giving these people some notice in advance that you will require a reference for a rental property in the very near future. Then when the phone call or email arrives, they will know what it is and can act on it quicker for you.

You will also need to prove your identity through several forms of paperwork. So, get together the necessaries and save yourself time when it comes to submitting them. You will need your passport and driving licence to prove your ID. Some landlords and agents will ask for both.

You will be asked for a utility bill and bank statements which show the details of your current address, too. And don’t forget – all this paperwork is needed for everyone renting the property. You might be organised with your paperwork, but ensure others are too.
Tips for securing a rental property from Altrincham estate agent Jameson and Partners

Say yes and get to viewings – whenever they are

You can’t afford to be picky about viewings dates and times, especially when there’s huge interest in a rental property. If you can get out during the day to make a viewing, we highly recommend you do it. If you can’t, maybe you can share the task with anyone else you are renting with. Whether you take it in turns, or one does the daytime and the other does the night. If you each have the same checklist of what you are looking for from a rental property, you can be more certain whether it’s right or not.
Of course, we always recommend all parties see a property before you commit to renting it.
And if for any reason you are running late or can’t make a viewing appointment, you should always let the landlord or viewing agent now.

First impressions matter

Landlords and letting agents are looking for the right sort of tenants, those who will take care of a rental property. So, think of the impression you make on a viewing. Being on time is a good start – quite often there is another viewing appointment arranged immediately after yours.
And be interested in the property you are viewing. If you like what you saw in the marketing pictures, and the property description, make this known. Ask questions about the property itself, even the local area, the neighbours. If you come across as someone who would make a good tenant, the letting agent will notice. And when it comes to the next rental property coming available, you may very well be top of their mind.
Tips to secure a rental property from Jameson and Partners estate agent in Altrincham

If you are looking for a rental property in Altrincham or the surrounding areas, contact us to be told of new properties coming to market.

And if you are a landlord or considering a new buy-to-let property, find out about our Landlord Services. We have proven experience managing rentals in Altrincham, including tenant search.
Plus – advertise your rental property with us before 31st March 2023, and we’ll give you 3 months FREE MANAGEMENT.
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